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mg Annie, Dorian looks so very sexy, I love his new color, it totally suits him, gotta love a red dog :D:D

I had no idea this would be the surprise, ;D Awesomeness

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T'nisse, Dorian is handsome as can be! I hate liver, but love it as a color LOL! Can't wait to see him mature:) Will he? I'll bet he could win a confirmation show easily;)
LOL! Yep, he'll mature. I'm going to have to pull together something that shows Rascal and a few of his selected pals all matured. I just have to get it all together and figure out what to call them, and bleh, a lot of thinking XD lol
But yeah, and hims have owners so he'll be a show puppy in no time. :D

Annie he looks freakin awsome!!! i love his colour it totally suits him. :D
Teehee! Thankies so much!!! I'm so glad that you all like him :D
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