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• Tethering & Pen Confinement: A Cornell University study entitled 'A Comparison of Tethering and Pen Confinement of Dogs' to determine whether tethering was detrimental to the dog's welfare compared general activity and specific behaviors and concluded there was no improvement in welfare in pens vs tethers.
• Limiting tethering time will not change the mindset of any person who has such disregard for his dog that he will ignore or abuse it. Local animal control can and should address these cases of abuse within the current existing cruelty statute.
• Tethering can be the safest method of controlling a hard to contain animal. There are dogs that can escape from anything. They can chew through fencing and even chain link, break out windows, open doors, climb or dig under fences, and destroy wire and plastic shipping crates in seconds. These dogs can only be contained securely (and humanely) with a well thought out tether system.
• Setting time limits for tethering is unenforceable without stakeout and surveillance of owner's property. Time limits will be used to antagonize dog owners by spiteful neighbors.
• Setting time limits for tethering discriminates against owners, i.e. renters, low or fixed income people, who cannot install fencing or kennel runs as an alternative.
• Setting time limits discriminates against people who work and prefer to leave the dog outside; and denies their animal access to the outdoors for the work day.
• A dog in a 10 X 10 ft kennel has 100 feet of play room. A dog on a 10 ft tether has 360 ft of play room; a dog on a 20 ft tether has 1256 ft of play room.
• Responsibility cannot be legislated. Responsible owners already care for their animals, and irresponsible owners are not going to follow the law, no matter how many new ones are enacted.
• American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Task Force on Canine Aggression and Human-Canine Interaction did NOT issue a position statement opposing tethering. The 18-page report mentions tethering one time, as a circumstance that needs further investigation. (from NCRAOA)


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