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>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
"Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'
and, yes, there is a difference."
Permission granted to crosspost.
March 3, 2011

A Public Hearing on HB 413 is scheduled for 8:00 AM Tuesday, March 8, by the
Agriculture & Livestock Committee. Room E1.014, Capitol Extension Building,
1st Floor Underground. This bill is relating to the
confidentiality of certain information held by a veterinarian. Bill sponsor
is Representative Jimmie Don Aycock, DVM.

82(R) HB 413 - Introduced version - Bill Text
RPOA OPPOSES this bill for the following reasons:

* Our pets' veterinary records must be kept confidential unless there is a
request from a municipal government regarding dog and cat bites and proof of
Rabies Vaccinations - not released for any other reason.

* Rabies Certificates contain extensive information about our animals, our
name, home address, phone number, the pet species, color, age, size, breed,
sex and whether they are spayed/neutered.

* These records could be used by municipalities to bill pet owners for
annual pet licenses; to enforce species and/or breed bans or regulations;
pet limits; number of litters each year; and mandatory spay/neuter of pets.

* All other information must be kept confidential also - just as our
personal medical records. Veterinarians should not become "pet police" for
enforcement of city ordinances.

Please contact the committee members below and tell them you OPPOSE HB 413!
You DO NOT have to live in their district. After that, do contact your own
representative and senator who can be found at Texas Legislature Online in
the Search Box on the bottom right side of the home page.

Faxes and phone calls are best with emails last but still effective. ALSO:
Print out this alert and either hand deliver or fax it to your personal
veterinarian. Ask for his help.

Several years ago San Antonio's Animal Care Services (ACS) demanded
veterinary clinics send their clients' dog/cat Rabies Vaccination Records to
them. All local veterinary clinics (except two clinics) refused to send
them to ACS - to their credit.

Texas Agriculture & Livestock Committee

Committee Clerk: Allison Billodeau (512) 463-0762

Chairman Rep. Rick Hardcastle
Phone: 512-463-0526
Fax: 512-463-6003
[email protected]

Vice Chair Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson
Phone: 512-463-0135
Fax: 512-463-0642
[email protected]

Rep. Charlie Howard
Phone: 512-463-0710
Fax: 512-463-0711
[email protected]

Rep. Bryan Hughes
Phone: 512-463-0271
Fax: 512-463-1515
[email protected]

Rep. Jason Isaac
Phone: 512-463-0647
Fax: 512-463-3573
[email protected]

Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt
Phone: 512-463-0682
Fax: 512-463-9955
[email protected]

Rep. Jim Landtroop
Phone: 512-463-0604
Fax: 512-463-5244
[email protected]

Rep. J. M. Lozano
Phone: 512-463-0463
Fax: 512-463-1765
[email protected]

Rep. Borris Miles
Phone: 512-463-0518
Fax: 512-463-0941
[email protected]
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