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The Bully Booth
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Bully the Kid
10pm EST/7pm PST

Why do so many people get burned out on the Pit Bull/Bully scene? It seems that the period for people in the Bully World is 3 years or less. Is it the money, the lack of money, or the don't care about the breed attitude? The problem affects just about every Bully breed, but particular the APBT and AmBully. Tonight we dig in and examine the fair weather breeder/owner/ rescuer of the movement in which we call Bully!

Also we bring up Nationals and how important it is that APBT people, rescue, and the general public come out and see what we the community do with and for our dogs!!!

Rumor has it the issue is actually a myth, the breed is still in high demand, and in fact, there are not enough dogs to go around! Let's examine the facts when it comes to Pet overpopulation!

Bowling for Bullies announcements as well!! Get your squad!!

Call in (646)727-3340

or email us at [email protected]

10pm EST/7pm PST

See you in the Blog talk Chat room!!!
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