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Low and behold after three weeks of nothing the breeder www.thexk9line.com called today. The day after posting on here about the situation with our deposit. They didn't call me they called my fiance.
He said he was calling to verify our address. Then when she confirmed the address he proceeded with bashing me. He stated he was sorry she wasn't getting a dog because of my behavior and the fact that I broke the contract. She stated he was full of sh--- and said we don't need to talk about it anymore our attorney would take care of it. Then he said there you go again. As she hung up this "professional breeder" in a sarcastic voice said "well I have your $500.00"
What gives? This guy accused me of being too picky because I didn't want to move on to another breeding. The pups weren't even born but I'm being to picky.
The fact remains a deposit is a deposit. Until the transaction is complete it's not yours.

Okay sorry to bore you folks, just wanted to post the follow up.
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