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She tries to fit in her bed, but she sleeps kinda of weird...

But don't worry!!! She found a solution to this problem. This is what I found when I went to my room. Of course, my wife and me had to take advantage of this opportunity.

My wife works on the other part of the island, so we have to travel a lot. Penny gets bored of the seats, so she finds amusing ways to travel... russian mafia style.

When we travel, my wife jumps on the back seat to "take care of Penny". After a long silence, I turn my head to this.

The perks of road tripping is we can stop anywhere we want, so Penny gets to see lot of places. Here is the first time she went to a creek. She was very very happy!

Not everything is sleeping! I am an avid mountain biker so I had to train her to go mountain biking with me. After several weeks of training, yesterday was her first time riding leash less in a trail.

So after almost a month with us, here she is 10 pounds more of pure muscle. She now is receiving the much needed exercise she needed.

This is the first time she met her BFF. A friends bully mix.

Penny having the time of her life in the creek.

Trying to wear her out, so she lets us work while she falls dead asleep.

Sorry for the long post, but this proud dad wants to show off!

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Looks like she has a fun life!! Very pretty girl too :) I love reds :)
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