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The naughty boy... Ugh.

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Ok so a re-cap of the last 2 ish weeks. Noticed George has started diggin little holes in the backyard which he has never done before. Started eating poop again which he hasn't done since he was about 4-5 months old. He was dewormed a few months ago with ivermectin and when we went to the vet for our checkup his labs said his eosinophils were up- vet said likely due to a parasite. I pick up the heartworm and dronsil tomorrow and hopin that fixes the problem. Beyond all of that tho, he's been spending more time in the kennel because I can't trust him in the yard and inside he just wrestles with Lacey and i need to restrict her movement still because of her leg. Anyhow- he pottied 3x in his kennel last night not ling after a potty break outside and then once more this morning at the top of the stairs before excercise. Last nigt I figured he was just doing it to get out of the kennel. The first 2x I just cleaned up and put new blankets down n put him back in there with his bones. The last time no more blankets which just made him more whiney. Last night I was thinkin behavioral. This morning I'm thinkin it might be more but there was no signs of infection in his labs tuesday... Any other thoughts? My mind always goes back to damage from early neuter... If it was an infection, bladder kid ey anything it would have showed up Tuesday, right??? Ugh. Dang naughty boy.
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No Changes really since we moved up here before thanksgiving. No food change. He's been getting more exercise and one on one time because I can't work lace out. Stairs and a little fetch here and there. Been a bit cold to do walks consistently but he is getting exercise. Like I said he had been out several times to go out potty n still went in his kennel right in front of me, and his labs were literally just drawn tuesday. If anything was goin on it shoulda popped up with red flags... I don't know. These little mystery happenings with my dogs are quite baffeling to me. Not loving it...
Lol. No the poop issue i'm pretty sure because he's still hungry and he's figured out he can eat the frozen poo in the ice. There was no other signs of infection I even asked about a uti when she mentioned the raised eosinophils and she said that wasn't the type of white blood cell that would be raised with an infection, but most common with internal parasites. He gets 4 cups a day and they're on Kirkland lamb n rice for another month and have been since we got home. And the urination issue goes back to bub not bein able to hold it for longer than a few hours. He has a doggy door now so goes in and out as he pleases and I would say every 2 hours at least he goes out and potties. In his crate he can stay dry about 4-5 hours but if I leave him a whole work shift I come home to a wet smelly dog and get to give a bath. My schedule worked out really well before where either my roomy or mike would be home within 6 hours of him gettin locked up n he could usually make it that long... I've just assumed it was just a boy thing until somebody the other day said their boy can hold his bladder much like my girl- once in the morning and once at night unless i tell her to go in between. Anyhow, he's 16 months old now, about 67 pounds and could stand to slim down but cutting down food now I fear would just result in him diggin more poo outta the ice...
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Poop eating is so gross. I thot he was over that :( he like the pineapple before and after he ate it last time so I just watched him close and brouht him inside til the poo was picked up. It's a little harder now cuz it's so cold and the whole yard is ice. The poo just ends up freezing into the ice overnight. Montana please warm up!!! Ugh. Ok well I'm worming em both n got em all up to date on HW. Glad for my job n bein able to get em into the vet but not enjoyin the loops they keep throwing me. Guess I gotta find some MSG n stay on my boy more. Ty Lisa ur wonderful at problem solving :)
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