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I am a pitbull,brave and bold,
a true friend young or old.
When you see me,do nut run,
for I will not hurt you,
I dont find that fun.
Do not treat me bad,
dont fight me for fun,
dont give me a bad rep,
I cannot help whats in my blood.
I will protect you because you are my friend,
that is my job from now till the end.
My blood is pure,my muscles are strong,
and my heart has been loving all along.
Dont tie me to short,heavy chains,
and leave meout in the cold,
until my tale has been told.
Dont cut my ears,to make me look mean,
because thats not what I am,
even thought thats what it seems.
So thats my tale,it has been told,
andim still a pitbull,brave and bold.

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That is a sweet poem :) who wrote it?
Someone from the HSUS .. Or Peta ...

Nothing mean about cropping ears .... It's a preference and when done by a lic vet it's completely humane.

Chaining is for an APBT's safety if done properly it's neither mean nor harmful.

Sorry I can't support poems like this because of the message it sends.

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I think it is a nice poem. There are different ways to lok at it. Is the person refering o the dog that is chained and uncared for that is cruel in my opinion all dogs need human interaction or is it a person saying that chaining a dog for its own protection is wrong. I guess I would like to know who worte it.
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