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The house is all mine! MINE I tell you!
At first I wanted to take the master room for myself,but then I came up with a much better idea.....

The dogs weren't very much help with the move.....

TA DAAAAAAAAA! Introducing, Beia and Bruno's new PLAY ROOM!
It's still in the works. I decided NOT to put the cat's post in there,cause I don't want the cat in there with the dogs,Bruno would have a cow.

Bruno's corner:

My roomie is going to be taking her bed sometime soon,but she has to get storage first.

I also put the smaller animals in here. (now I don't have to hear them at night anymore!)

I think I should put some kinda dog posters on the wall by Bruno,it's kinda boring looking.
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I would love a dog room!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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