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Okay this post is from my Fb i felt it needed to be posted here. Anyone please add to this as you think of more.. I recommend this post be a sticky.

Well I just got done doing some research on Ky French Bulldogs breeders.. I really like to know the breeders and their breeding practices before I purchase anything to be a potential breeding animal. So although it won't be for quite sometime I thought I'd look around for a reputable breeder to start getting to know. Well I have come to find Frenchie breeders are even more sketchy then American Pit Bull Terrier breeders. OMG one search and a plethora of Backyard Breeders... Layman's term a breeder with questionable breeding practices .. There is no wonder there are so many dogs in shelters when there are so many people breeding subpar animals. Some people spend thousands of dollars on an animal with most of those animals turning out either defect ridden or just not what they pictured.

So here's some tips for those of you researching breeders even though I highly recommend checking shelters first..

1. If the breeder has a prepay form such as paypal with payment amounts available to pay for before communication between you and them are made they are 99% of the time a Backyard Breeder.

2. Watch for breeders pricing by color.. these breeders are typically not breeding for healthy dogs but that paycheck for that color.

3. If they have upwards of 4 breedings on their breeding page they are likely not out to breed healthy dogs are again after money..

4. If they breed multiple breeds keep an eye out for all these other tips and make sure they aren't breeding simular breeds because likely a irresponsible breeder won't care if they had an accidental breeding and post it as if it was planned and you could be getting a mix..

5. If they aren't keeping any pups for their selves then they are not likely a reputable breeder all good breeders only breed for themselves to continue their bloodlines...

6. If they are having to sell pups on any platform such as craigslist, hoobly, ebay, etc. They 99% of the time are a Backyard Breeder..

And last but not least........

7. If they don't have any pups marked as pet only these people are either Kennel Blind (unable to see flaws of their own productions) or are a Backyard Breeders. All litters will produce a nonbreeding quality dog a perfect litter is just unheard of.. There is always room for improvement on any breeding..

Now mind you not all Backyard Breeders are bad people and they may seem like they have good intentions but that doesnt mean they should be doing what they are doing.. Hope this helps someone in the future.
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