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Took Goose with us!

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Decided to take the family up into the National Wilderness for a day of fun and picnik'n! We decided why not take one of the dogs, so Goose was the lucky one this day. Having recently gotten a blueheeler/aussie mix, I realize more and more just how much I really love the APBT breed. Goose was as calm and cool as if he had been living in the house with us the whole time. Meanwhile the Heeler mix was like an ADD child!!!


Oh and even the ADD Child wears out after a day in the woods!!1
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Great pics :) Oh man I know what you mean about these dogs. Marley and Dosia are like night and day. Dosia is very calm and kick back and Marley is a total spaz. lol. He's got some queensland mixed in there so he's always running and spazzing out lol.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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