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Torrevieja Council gets tough on dog owners
• 25 Sep 2008 •

Mayor Pedro Hernandez Mateo announced that the new rules set out the duties of owners and cover sellers, trainers, people taking dogs for walks, pigeon breeders, livestock farmers and anyone who may be connected with animals, even if only occasionally. The law, said the town hall, will be strictly applied.

The new laws also list dangerous dogs whose owners need to register them and acquire a licence from the town hall. The breeds listed include Rottweiler, Doberman, Bull Terrier (American and Staffordshire) , Bullmastiff, American Pitbull and Argentine Dogo, to name but a few.

Owners of such animals must always have their corresponding identification available, keep their animals on a lead or muzzle them, and they cannot be taken out by anyone under the age of 18.

http://www.euroweek lynews.com/ news/11310. html

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