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Thank you Loretta for this info

Dear Loretta,

Jason Mann here with a special BSL announcement. A Gazette subscriber
from Turkey brought this to my attention and I thought I would
pass it along.

On June 27, 2010, the Turkish government decided to start
rounding up pit bull type dogs and charging citizens who
own these dogs fines of over 3,400 Turkish lira (over $2,000 USD).

The dogs will be taken from their homes and impounded. Since
no shelter in the country has room for these dogs and it is
illegal to own them, this means certain death for the estimated
10,000 pit bull type dogs in the country.

Tell Turkey: Stop Targeting Pit Bulls | Animals | Change.org

To learn more about the situation and to sign a petition to voice
your concern to the Turkish Government about their actions.

Until Next Time,
Jason Mann
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