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Hello All,

Here are a few pix of my puppy Tyson he is now 4 months old about 32-33lbs and is it just me but doesn't he look allot different from his 3&4mths old pix? The first pix is is 3mths old pix and the rest are his 4mnth and he already looks allot older lol my wife calls him an old man since he never looked like a puppy even at 8wks he didnt have that puppy puppy face were use to haha. Oh and I got his ears to stanbd they turned out nice i like the size even though some people i come across say they look to long but as he gets older and his head gets bigger he will grow into them; now if i can only stop him from eating up out side back door as you can see from the pix he has went to town on them lol.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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