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UKC - Hutto TX Jul 30, 2011

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Anyone going? What's a good pit friendly hotel?

Jul 30; S1 David Arthur JS GUN HERD (except BSD); Dorothy Jacobs GUARD SIGHT; Nancy Beeman SCENT TERR; Carlos Rodriguez NORTH COMP Entries 7:30-9 am JS 9:30 am Show 10 am NLC: Novice Puppy
Jul 30; S2 Nancy Beeman JS GUN HERD (except BSD); David Arthur GUARD SIGHT; Carlos Rodriguez SCENT TERR; Dorothy Jacobs NORTH COMP Entries 10:30-11:30 am Show not before 11:30 am NLC: Novice Puppy
Jul 31; S1 Carlos Rodriguez JS GUN HERD (except BSD); Nancy Beeman GUARD SIGHT; Dorothy Jacobs SCENT TERR; David Arthur NORTH COMP Entries 7:30-8:30 am JS 9:30 am Show 10 am NLC: Novice Puppy
Jul 31; S2 Dorothy Jacobs JS GUN HERD (except BSD); Carlos Rodriguez GUARD SIGHT; David Arthur SCENT TERR; Nancy Beeman NORTH COMP Entries 10:30-11:30 am Show 11:30 am NLC: Novice Puppy
DOS $25; JS & NLC $5; PE $18 received by July 22, 2011 - Credit card payments through Pay Pal ($2 fee) [email protected]
Triple Crown Dog Academy, 200 County Road 197 78634 (512) 759-2295; From I-35, take Hutto exit (US Hwy. 79). Go east on Hwy. 79 (9.2 miles) Turn right on FM 1660 (Normans Crossing) go 1.6 miles. Right on CR 137 go 1 mile to site.
Chairperson: Kathleen Chance (936) 295-7626 or (936) 661-2686 cell [email protected]
Event Secretary: Judy Baker, 7230 Mach Road, Lagrange TX 78945 (979) 247-4600 [email protected]
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Sounds like a winner! May have to bring the big fella up there that weekend

Hmmmm I may have to come see you all at Triple Crown :D And I look forward to seeing you all, I do LOVE me some Punisher :D
Is there a lot of APBT's going? No point in going if they are going to have a ton of AST's and Pitterstaffs. Unless the judges would like to see some real APBT's ;) lol

Any idea if they are doing Obed or agility?
There will be a variety of dogs there. ADBA style champs as well as UKC style champs. This is just a conformation show. We can go out back between shows and put on an agility and obedience trial. Now that I think about it, by then my leg should be well enough for me to catch some dogs too.
There you go we can do the sports around back! lol If there was something more than just Conformation I would love to go but not worth the drive just for conformation. Have fun guys!
Clay I would love to see Punisher, gorgeous red guy, I do love me some red dogs :D
Have fun guys!
No doubt, we ALWAYS have a blast time!!! Can't wait, this time no cookout- but we do need to bust out with some games, ooh ooh "win it in a minute".. ha let me see what I can come up with.. lolololol...
Bumping this up!!
:woof: :woof:
Gonna hold out for the one in August, I think. Send a few class dogs and maybe a CH. ;)
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