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Just thought I`d share my vet`s office with anyone who`s in Las Vegas after what they did today.

I had to take Harlow in to Ann Road Animal Hospital today, this is the vet I have used since I moved here, in North Las Vegas, because he has a slight eye infection. He`s about due in a week for his booster shots, I had no intention on getting him the shots today, but next week. Since I had the free exam coupon (I got off their website), I had only brought $20 with me to pay for the eye cream he was to get.

The vet came out and saw him and asked if I wanted the shots today. I told her that I would but they cost $40 and all I brought was $20 and he needs the eye cream. She just smiled at me and said that was fine. She gave him his Parvo, DA2PL, 1 year Rabies, & Bordatella vaccines all for $0.00. All they charged me for was the eye cream which was $17.30 after taxes.

This same office, when I brought my mother`s lab/pit mix in at 5 years old to be spayed gave me the upgraded package with the good, not generic, drugs all for $125 when the original cost was to be $180.

Not to mention, they have always been great with my animals & are great with bully breeds.

I just wanted to share this with all the other proud puppy parents of Las Vegas. I would highly recommend their offices.

:D :D
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