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I started browsing Craigs list again, Well I found a place that was close to where I work,but it was another one of those, pay to get the listings kinda deals.

After talking with the guy, and explaining my situation with my house and my dog,and this agency( I just paid $250 dollars to a week ago, and they haven't done poo for me), he immediately, tells me that the place I have hired has been known for not refunding your money, not doing any of the work like their suppose to, and basically screwing you over.
Which I know now, because when I asked the guy I'm paying to e-mail me the house listings, (since the fax is broken) he made it seem like a huge inconvenience(even though I'M PAYING HIM!) and never did it, or called me back.

The guy in Renton I talked to today, (talked to him for a while) suggested things I could do in regards to the company I'm being ripped off on, then said he would love to be able to help me, but that I should pester the guy I paid, and not cough up more money for his agency to help me, since I already paid this other guy, and he should do his job! He also wished me luck,and asked me to keep in touch with him, to see if I get my money back,or find a home.
( it also turns out the manager of the company I contacted today, actually use to work for the company I'm being screwed from, and had left them cause of their sketchy ways.)

After hanging up and calling back the rip off place(no answer), I get a call from a number I don't recognize.

It's from a coworker who was sitting next to the nice guy I talked with at the other place in Renton, and over heard me and the guy talking over the phone about this rip off place, and my situation.
Well she contacted the manager of the Renton place, and the manager said she will help me find a place FREE OF CHARGE! ( I just saved another $250!)
Turns out, she herself knows what its like to try and find a place with a dog labeled "aggressive breed" she has a pit/rot mix!

I am just so happy! things are finally working themselves out! I wont have to give up Bruno!

I take him in tomorrow with me, to start looking at possible houses! She's already circled some places,and said she would start calling places she knows accept dogs.

Bruno's sweet personality is working out in his benefit!

Bruno also got a lot of lovings from people at the dollar store today too. I had went in to get cat food, and the guy that opens the door for you at the store said he would watch Bruno for me( I know him kinda), while I went in. He had a pitbull too, so he knew that Bruno was ok.

Well when i get out of the store(like 5 min) There's this crowed around Bruno, and he's just jumping on them, and kissing and all tail wags.
They're all laughing and petting him.
It was amazing to see. Mostly cause some of the people didn't know he was pit, and was shocked after finding out he was.
2 of the girls offered to buy him from me XD, they had a rednose too.
Of course I turned them down hahaha.

But anyway, that was my amazing day! People with pitbulls are amazing and generous people indeed!
People with pits stick together indeed!!! :3

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Glad to hear all is working out!! :D And of course we try to stick together we all got through the same prejudice :( So if we don't help eachother who well right?
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