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Analyses Goal #1 - Page 3

Yes, it's on a Cocker Spaniel site, but I think it's still relevant.

In 2010, the American Spaniel Club conducted a study on the Merle coloration. The entire study is fascinating, but this part really jumped out at me.

"Finding the mutation was identical in each breed analyzed, and comparison of when each of the six different breeds historically emerged, the data indicates that the Merle mutation most likely existed prior to the establishment of different dog breeds. This means that it is likely that the predecessor to ALL dog breeds had the Merle mutation. The sequence data analysis was statistically significant"

I've always denied the existence of Merle in our breed, but according to this study, it's possible (Not likely, but possible) in all breeds.

I still think that the Merle "APBTs" we see around today are mutts, considering I have yet to see one with a legit ped. And even if they are pure (unlikely), the pattern shouldn't be encouraged.

Still, fascinating stuff. Thought you guys would enjoy it.
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