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Run by Mando and Ruby Galindo,
Villalobos Sanctuary in Roswell, New Mexico is a subsidiary of Villalobos Rescue Center located in NOLA.
Villalobos Sanctuary is a home for Elderbulls and Unadoptabulls. All of their dogs come directly from VRC NOLA.

They need our help , with dogs who are there for life and not seeing adoption fees comming in to help with expenses at all they depend upon the generosity of other bully breed lovers like ourselves.
I know times are tough but if you can help in any way please do so.
They are in need of food and water bowls, blankets, dog food, building supplies and of course anything else you can think of that you use for your own dogs. If you can send any items in that would be great or gift cards to home depot and wal mart are more then appreciated.
You can send in donations to
Villalobos Sanctuary
P.O. Box 2757, Roswell, NM, 88201

Remember even sending in coupons helps them too, plus they cost you nothing but a stamp to send in.

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