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I'm going... Anyone else?

Happy New Year!(Takes place SAT Jan 22nd)

I think it is time that we schedule another walk for FABB members. We have walked downtown Seattle, and the south end, so in all fairness I think it is time to do North Seattle area. This will allow everyone to get a chance to attend a walk, and the same people are not traveling long distance to attend.

This walk location is yet to be determined but will either be along the Interurban trail or Centennial Trail. I am not familiar with either of these trails but have heard they are fabulous. I will check them out this week and will post specific location details. We will plan to walk for a couple of hours, but you are welcome to leave whenever you (or your dog) has had enough fun.

Please RSVP yes, no or maybe. If you find out that you cannot attend please change your RSVP so that we are not expecting you. We will hang around for 5-10 minutes to wait for any latecomers and can use it as an opportunity to work on some basic skills, and answer any questions you might have about training and/or impulse issues.

If you do not wish to bring your dog to this event, but would love to join us to mingle with other FABB members, please come along!

As per usual, we have our regular rules in place, and these have been effective in ensuring everyone - dog and people - are happy. Below are the guidelines to ensure a fun, and safe, event for everyone involved.

NO Human Aggressive dogs.
NO nose-to-nose greetings. Please keep a 6ft distance between the dogs at all times, especially since this may be the first introduction for some of our dogs.
NO Flexi/Retractable leashes.
NO prong or choke collars. Although, this walk is for exercise and socialization, FABB would also like to promote a positive image of our dogs and this is blurred when people think that dogs (especially our pitties) are only able to be controlled by using these types of collars. There are many humane training collars/harnesses on the market to help control pulling, such as the halti, newtrix collar, easy walk harness, etc, etc. Of course, I do understand that some dogs do find halti's or gentle leaders aversive so please email me to discuss other options if you would really like to attend this walk.

For those dogs who might be overly excitable around other dogs OR have a low tolerance for other dogs, please have them wear a red bandana so that other FABB members can be respectful of your dogs needs. FABB will provide red bandanas on the day of the walk.

If you need to contact me on the day, you can leave me a voice message at 425 9545 DOG

I look forward to walking with you!

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