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Warning: Proud Mama Post ...

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So, I will admit to taking the lazy way out with Kane; he is so well-behaved most of the time and knows his basics and a few more commands on top of those that I've been slacking on his training. I've been doing the usual Sit-Stays before going outside, getting his food, getting anything, putting him in downs before I throw his Jolly Ball, telling him to Drop-It and Leave-It while playing Tug, etc, but haven't been actively training him new things.

Today I realized that while he was physically in shape, he wasn't mentally in shape and that was my fault. So after receiving a bit of inspiration with a link to this website (LevelBook) on another forum, I decided to teach him Target, having him touch my hand with his nose.

I was worried because he has a rock solid Leave-It -- biscuit-touching-his-mouth, mid-chase-after-the-cat solid. And at first, I was right to be worried.

When I held up the imaginary treat to his nose to entice him to sniff/touch my fingers, Kane stared at me in that trance-like way he gets when he is concentrating Very Hard on Leaving-It. And then I realized, yet again, that it wasn't his fault he was doing a very good Leave-It. It was mine, because I was doing the motion of Target the same way I tested him with Leave-It, with very deliberate movements.

Once I caught that and quit doing it, it was amazing how quickly Kane picked up on what I wanted him to do. I've said it on here before that I don't think he's the fastest car on the race track.

And yet, in ONE 5 minute training session, he was doing a Touch to my hand with his nose, every. single. time. :woof::woof: I've been doing it all day using just the physical cue to make 100% sure he has it down and then tomorrow I'll be adding the verbal cue to it. :D

It was so much fun seeing the light go on in his eyes and his tail did a little happy wag when he had that "Oh, I get it" moment! No more slacking for me and Kane!!
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awww Kate what awesome news, I wanna do more advanced OB and Rally with Orion and possibly this Touch thing, his leave it command is like Kane's just spot on, may have to chat withyou and see waht I can figure out :D Congrats girlie, way to go Kane :D
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