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The city of Washington Court House, Ohio is considering amending its vicious dog ordinance, and is specifically looking to eliminate the language that automatically deems "pit bulls" as vicious dogs.

The proposal amends the codified ordinance on "vicious dogs and pit bull terriers" by eliminating any and all references to "pit bull terriers."

Washington Court House officials are considering this change in an effort to align the city with and mirror Ohio state law which removed any reference to specific breeds of dogs in 2012.

The city's law director advised the council that the state statute has three designations: a nuisance, dangerous, and vicious dog. Each of these categories has its own criteria to be met. In addition, the dog warden would also be able to declare a dog as vicious.

I spoke with the city clerk this morning, and the first reading of the proposed ordinance passed at last night's council meeting. She advised that all were in favor of the change, but two council members were not present at the meeting yesterday.

The council is required to take three (3) votes in order for the proposal to become law, and the second and third readings will be July 9 and July 23, 2014 respectively.

Residents of Washington Court House: Please let your city officials know you support the move to amend the vicious dog ordinance to eliminate any reference to specific breeds of dogs. You can also show your support for the change by attending the next city council meeting on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. Meetings take place at the City Administration Building, 105 N. Main Street, on the second floor in Council Chambers.
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