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Any of you who have read more than a couple of my posts know that I got here, GoPitbull.com, for advice shortly after adopting my first pitbull, Maggie. We adopted her while we were looking for another Ridgeback as we'd just lost the most awesome dog we ever had when our Rufus passed away. Then I drove 5 hours to a pound in Ohio to get a Ridgeback.... that was actually a Redbone Coonhound... So I took him home anyway. Well, now that we are at our limit of two dogs (can't afford or properly exercise more than that) there is FINALLY an ACTUAL Ridgeback mix at the local Humane Society.

The first Rhodesian Ridgeback that's been at a local shelter or on craigslist in the over 18 months that I've been looking. And I don't know why I keep looking - cause I know I can't adopt. I just think it got to be a habit out of being incredulous that they are never surrendered.

Now, it's killing me that this guy, Rascal, is living in a noisy cinder block kennel with a concrete floor and waiting for a home and I CAN'T provide it.

www.PetHarbor.com pet:WPHS.A137101

I've contacted a RR Rescue but haven't heard anything back in two days. I know there are some Pittsburghers here as posters and lurkers. And that they already know how awesome pitbulls can be. I swear to God, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are AWESOME too! If anybody is looking for a rocking cool and loyal pet with shots, neuter, and obedience classes included please check this guy out.
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