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I thought I would make this it's own topic, as not to get my other thread off topic about how the dogs earned a bad reputation.

So I want to know what everyone considers a pet bull owner? Is this just someone who has a pit bull as a pet, and does no showing or working. Or would it be everyone who does not use the breed in it's original intent. Because I feel that would make us all pet bull owners here!

I am not offended if you call me a pet bull owner, as my dog is just a pet! :) But I do consider myself to be knowledgeable on the breed's past, accepting of it and I do try to educate anyone who walks in my house or stops me on the street to ask about my dog. I don't feel that all of us pet bull owners do the breed a bad service by simply owning one as a companion. And I do hope to use one in working events in the future. I just don't like to be lumped into the term that may lead me to being believed that I am no knowledgeable of the breed and break the rules.

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Well heres a thought.

Nubs, is a rescue. Theres no way to tell if he is an APBT, AST, Bulldog/x, or any other mix that looks like a "Pit Bull". Now I work him in WP, Agility and OB. So what would that make him. I can call him a "Pit Bull" but theres no way to know that he's really an APBT. So do I call him a "Pet Bull" because he's neutered and a rescue, but I work him so if you go by the thought that Pet Bulls = non-working dogs, then what would Nubs be?

So yeah, I consider "Pet Bulls" as spayed/neutered dogs (or dogs intact that have never been bred) of unknown origins that resembled some sort of Pit Bull. It doesn't matter if you work our dog or not. It's just of the unknown origin...

I mean even if your dog is a couch potato that is not intact, if your dog has a Ped that shows you what your dog's breed is, can it be anything besides that breed?

just my thoughts...

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I thought all dogs were first and foremost PETS? Then you have your working dogs, show dogs, etc. I agree that a "pet" should be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. Unfortunately I see many on here with some random pit mix of unknown origin and they are intact. For what? What purpose does a mutt need to be left intact. Yes, some can be responsible with intact dogs but really.....how many people come here crying that there dogs "accidently" got prego. ALL my animals are PETS and are eventually spayed/neutered. :)
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