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What does your dog do during a storm?

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Mine doesnt even notice the thunder! I had a border collie who would go under or behind me during thunder.

Redog - what did your dog do during this mini storm we just had??
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Dosia pays no attention at all in if I let him out to potty he'll still run over and grab the spring pole, even in the rain lol.

Marley on the other hand has a 6th sense about storms. I can always tell it's going to storm hard. At first he'll stare out the window and whine, then he'll go out and bark at the sky and as soon as the rain comes he starts running around panting heavily. He doesn't usually do this during normal rain but when we get electrical storms. He does this tiny little squeaky bark after the thunder. It usually takes me a good 20 mins to get him calmed down enough to stay still in his bed.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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