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Theres really no need to mix wet in with dry food at that age, sometimes mixing wet with dry a dog will scarf it down faster and end up not digesting all the food ate at that time. (vomiting) Occasionally i will buy some high quality wet food as a treat for my dogs (just personal preference as its not needed) but thats very seldom, maybe a couple times a year. Otherwise its always dry.

I personally would recommend:
Orijen - $70 - $90 per 29.7lbs - 38 - 40% protein
Evo - $60 - $75 per 28.6lbs - 36 (i believe) - 42% protein
Acana - $55 - $70 per 29.7lbs - 34 - 38% protein

All three of these are some of the highest quality dog foods when it comes to ingredient and protein source quality. Of course high protein diets should be kept for dogs that are highly active, worked and exercised much more so than just a regular house pet.
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