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What if you bought quality dogs from well known reputable breeders and decided that you wanted to create your own line? Like taking red boy x jeep pup and breeding it too a jocko x mayday and you keep these going for at least 7 generations. Then at what point do those dogs become your bloodline and not the originals? Just for food for thought :unsure::unsure::oops:

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assuming you spent years working on a yard and participating in all aspects of a working dog breeding program BEFORE actually attempting this.
  • having established a functional goal and objective for this new "bloodline" that actually improves on the original stock and offers something different (clearly distinguishable from original stock).
  • understanding the specifics of canine genetics and how the law of probability is used to shape offspring.
  • can properly evaluate a dog's structural soundness, health, and behavioral temperament.
  • are able to select brood stock that will serve your overall goals (pedigree analysis, assessing genetic potential).
  • design a program and implement breeding strategies that achieve predetermined objectives.
  • have the discipline to remove any/all dogs from the breeding program that do not meet standards.

i would say when dogs on your yard are consistently, predictably, reliably, and safely producing the objective, you might be close to a new bloodline. 7 generations may not be enough. 7 litters of pups does not a bloodline make.

but i'm no breeder. and i would never attempt it. the responsibility alone would be too great. not to mention the time and money it would take to do it respectably.
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