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I adopted a pit 3 months ago (M, neutered, 2yo, 75lbs). He's just perfect, minus separation anxiety. It's been a challenge, but with training and patience things are moving along. He's now able to stay home for a full day alone (AM + PM walk, plus noon dogwalker).

He doesn't love it but every day it gets better. He also goes to doggy day care which he loves. Between that and the dog walker, this is not a permanent solution from a financial standpoint.

I have a fenced yard and I plan on installing a doggy door when he is ready. However, if he is not ready then he'll just try to escape the back yard. If he is ready, then I assume he would just use the door to do his business, maybe catch some rays, and head back in for more napping.

He's a very mellow, quiet dude. Once the separation anxiety is gone (or as close as it will ever be), I don't envision him trying to escape the yard or cause any damage. He's super clingy and struggles with confidence/independence.

My fence is decent enough, but he is a large dog. He can break through if he really wants to.

So, I guess my question is...how do I know when he is ready? I want him to know the door is there for him to go outside into the yard, not as a way to escape and leave the property.

He's on his second week of being home alone. It's not every day. Has anyone had experience dealing with a rescue with SA and getting them comfortable with the door and yard access?

Right now, I don't trust him to have access to the yard. He would definitely try to escape to come and find me. But eventually, I would like him to.

Any insights, experience, etc would be hugely helpful. Thank you!

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I would never trust any of my dogs out in the yard alone with no one home. Anything can cause them to escape from trying to find you, to wanting to chase a squirrel, to something that spoils them, etc. That’s also a good way to have your dog stolen. It’s unfortunate but it does happen, even in the best of neighborhoods. Dogs are easy to steal and extremely difficult to track and find. Plus who knows what they could into, who could throw what in there, and a huge list of other potential problems that could occur.

I know this isn’t what you were hoping to hear but it’s my opinion and what’s in your dogs best interest.

Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you stick around and would love to see a pic or two (or three) of your new addition. Congrats on the rescue and keep up the training!
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