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I am curious to hear what other people like to do to asure they're giving they're pups a healthy start. And hoping I can learn some new tips along the way. Thanks

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Before someone things of breeding they do as much research as they can and make sure they have worthy dogs. Worthy does not mean you love them as your pet but worthy as a show/working dog or for a purpose other than just a pet. Also pedigrees and health testing should be looked. Sorry that is my little speech.....

This site is wonderful for breeding dogs and talks about everything from whelping to care of the pups. This is done by a successful breeder and is like a breeding 101 website. I am always on it even when I breed my dogs to make sure I am not forgetting anything.

Care for the bitch before having puppies
Pregnancy Guide Prenatal Care, Breeding your dog

care of the bitch and puppies
Whelping Puppies, PostPartum Dam

Breeding Dogs, Puppies from Birth to 3 weeks

when look at this site scroll down to the bottom for the list of all the pages.
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