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Whitman - 1 yr old!

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Well everyone, Whitman turned the big 1 yr old on April 1st :) I rescued my boy when he was 8 wks on June 1st and he has grown into a handsome guy :) Even though he's 60lbs, he's still my little pup ;) haha They grow so fast though!!

Well here are a few pics from when we went to play fetch this passed weekend. He was going all over the place, so I wasn't able to get as many pics as I would have liked, but I hope you enjoy :)

Someone fell face first on the grass while chasing the ball right before this pic :hammer:

My little muscle man!

Playing fetch is serious business! You can tell by his expression!

But it's so much fun! ;)

Thank you for looking everyone :) I just had to share with you all on how my boy has grown :)
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I was trying to look at this thread yesterday but the pics wouldn't come up for some reason. Now that I can see them I can say that Whitman looks very good! Nice head on him.
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