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Yeah, I never understood "no pets on the furniture"...
That's prime cuddling time!
BZOO, I know that you don't know me, but Mac knows I am one who doesn't allow the dogs on the furniture and I sure the hell ain't sharing my bed with one. They can and do lay on the lounge chairs outside by the pool but not in the house. I always try to treat my dogs as dogs, and I enjoy having one place with no dog hair.
So, I read this thread and just abstained, to each their own, right. Now this morning, I am outside working, and I came in the back door, and I saw my wife and dog on the couch. I took the picture before she realized I was there.
Hand Dog Comfort Carnivore Thigh

The conversation went like this,
Me: "Donna! WTF! Why is the dog on the couch?"
Donna: "He's not on the couch, he's on the pillows. He is too cute and wants to cuddle."
Something tells me it's not his first time up there. :giggle: I called Ranger to come outside with me, but he was comfortable where he was. I have long learned that this was not a battle that was worth starting. I went back to work but thought of your thread. ;)
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