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Why are you here?

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Like the thread says, why are you guys here? And most of all why do you care about pitbulls? Here as in gopitbull.com
I want to know people's story you know?

I'm here because this website is abundant with knowledge, the members cut the BS and gets real on you. And not to mention they know their stuff and if someone is "wrong" they take the time to explain instead of flaming people. I'm also here to understand and to give myself a reality check on what real pitbulls are about. I come here to read about fairness and debrainwash myself about the media portrayal of pitbulls.

I care for pitbulls because fairness and freedom is an absolute. It's either everyone is free or no one is. I want to stop unfairness stacked against pitbulls and the gradual disappearance of a dog owner's freedom before it bites all of us, regardless of what breed of dog we have.
I have no idea if this is in the right section or not... =)

Haven't been here in so long, not that I was very active but guess who's 18? =D:woof::woof:
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I lost a dog i loved a while back and thought how much more i could have done with and for him . When i got my current kids , i wanted to make sure that they did things and had full awsome lives. There is only so much you can learn winging it so i came here in search of anything that i could use to make my pits love life ,
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