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I have a 5 month ”pit bull” mix. He is still not completely house trained.

We have a daughter that goes to college out of town, and stays with us sometimes when she’s home on breaks, and sometimes she stays with her Mom. She’s been with us for the last week or so.

A few days ago, she was rubbing on the puppy and he peed on her foot. He has never peed on anyone else.
Tonight, she came home, he followed her into her bedroom, jumped on her bed and peed on it. He’s never peed on any other furniture in the house. All of his “accidents” are on the floor.

I tend to overthink things, so I’m thinking there’s likely a reason he is doing these things only to her.

We also have a female that we rescued, she is about 2 years old, guessing. She and the puppy squabble a lot, and I pay attention, because I worry about them fighting one day for real. The female knocks the puppy around with her head, sending him flying, pins him down with her paw, and drags him around by the excess skin on his body. She never does anything to actually hurt him, and no matter what she does, as soon as she let’s him go or he can scramble back onto his feet, the puppy comes back for more.

He will roll over on his back, exposing his belly to her sometimes, but overall, he doesn’t really seem to be a submissive dog. She can only knock him around like she does when he starts pestering her, because she is much bigger than he is, but that won’t always be the case. So that is in the back of my mind, as a future concern.

But for now, I‘d just like to know if I’m onto something with thinking there is probably a reason he peed on our daughter and then her bed.

Please advise.

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The dog is either marking her as "his", no different than anything he pees on outside or elsewhere, he is peeing because he is excited to see her or there is a medical condition. If there is nothing medially wrong with him, it's probably excitement or marking her.
I would try having the person interacting with the dog more often. For example, feeding the dog passing out treats, walking and interacting with the dog to bring down the level of excitement. Also , watch for the signs of him ready to pee, like circling or leg lifting and distract him with a treat or clap your hands together to divert his attention to something else. Take the dog outside and when he pees, praise him for doing it outside.
I don't know the dog but another possibility would be the dog feels stressed in that persons company. If you thin that might be the case discuss it with your vet and see if there is something they can give the dog to lessen it's stress.
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