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Why so sad, puppers?

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awww look at that lip :p
Haha, yeah. That always happens when he yawns, so I had to grab my camera real quick before he licked his lips or something. :)

Awwww look at that bottom lip.... I love when Kangol pouts and sticks his lip out like that.
:rofl: Kane hasn't learned how to pout with his lower lip sticking out yet. He's perfected the sulky look though. He just happened to yawn and I had to grab the camera real quick.

awwww....a pouty puppy :snow:
Yep. :love:

omg thats soo cute, LOL i love when bear dose that makes him look like he is about to cry
I know! I just had to give him smooches after I got the picture. :love:
Okay ... so ... where's the pic? :D
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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