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Marinette committee rejects pit bull ban
Reported by: Heather Sawaski
Wednesday, August 10 2011

Marinette, Wis. (WFRV)- A group of more than 50 dogs and their owners marched across the Interstate Bridge towards Marinette City Hall. They had a message for city leaders.

"We wanted to stand up as proper pit bull owners who do the right thing and make sure we weren't put in a position that was unfair to us and our pets," Carrie Cramer explained.

In July, the city's Public Safety and Code Enforcement Committee was asked by the mayor to consider an ordinance banning residents from owning the bully breed. It came after an incident where a woman was bitten by a pit bull.

Dog owners feel it's not fair to punish an entire breed for an isolated incident. The council committee agreed. After tabling the issue last month, the committee unanimously voted against the ordinance Wednesday.

"We did research, reviewed all the material provided to us and we just did not have a good feeling prohibiting one breed versus another," said Carol Kempka, the committee chairperson.

Kempka said last month's pit bull attack was the first they've heard of in the city.

"I'm glad Marinette decided not to ban them," commented pit bull owner Curtis Boucher. "I thank them and I appreciate what they have done."

"Today is one of those days that shows it's important to stand up for your rights and speak about what you believe in," Cramer said. "Because there's power in numbers."
Kempka said the committee will look into stricter guidelines for issuing dog licenses in the city.

Marinette committee rejects pit bull ban - WeAreGreenBay

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this is great news to hear...especially on my BDAY!!! lol :D :D

thanks Tye ;)
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