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Animal Law Changes

Every year, nearly six-thousand dogs are brought into Wichita's animal shelter. More than 60 percent of them are euthanized. One-third of the dogs put to sleep are pitbulls. The city hopes to fix this problem and many others by tightenting it's animal control and protection laws.

The proposed changes:

1. A maximum of only two pit bulls would be allowed in one household.

2. Most would be required to be spayed or neutered.

3. Any dog that gets loose more than twice in a year would also be required to be fixed.

4. All pit bulls or other dangerous dogs would be required to be microchipped.

5. Convicted felons would be barred from owning or even living with a dangerous dog.

6. All dogfighting paraphernalia would be prohibited. Dog licenses and animal fines are also scheduled to go up under these new regulations.


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