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Wichita, KS: New pit bull ordinance goes into effect
Posted on July 1, 2009 by stopbslcom
New pit bull ordinance goes into effect - KSN TV

New pit bull ordinance goes into effect
Last Update: 6/30 5:51 pm

WICHITA, Kansas - The City of Wichita is putting some bite into a new law that will put pit bull owners on a much shorter leash.

City leaders hope the new law will cut back on the city's pit bull population and also hold owners more responsible. It completely changes the rules regarding the controversial breed.

If you walk through the city's animal shelter, you'll see more pit bulls there than any other breed of dog.

"People who have been going through our shelter as they have in the last couple weeks - they've made the comment to me, 'oh my gosh you have too many pit bull,'" said Kay Johnson with the City of Wichita.

Johnson says the proliferation of pit bulls is one of the reasons the city has passed the new law. It allows residents a maximum of two of the dogs, they have to be spayed or neutered and they must have a microchip implanted to let authorities know who owns the pit bull. Johnson says pit bulls are also responsible for as much of a third of all dog bites in the city. The new law is designed to cut back the pit bull population.

"We know there are good pit bulls and good pit bull owners and we know there are bad pit bulls and bad pit bull owners in our community," Johnson said. "Were seeing them at a much higher rate than any other animal in our shelter and we have to do something about it."

"I've got three kids," said resident Chad Poort. "He's grown up with all of them - never had a problem with any of them."

Poort owns nine-year-old Petey. Petey's a show dog who's competed in around 80 dog shows all over the country. Under the new law Petey will be neutered and under dog show rules his career as a show dog will be over.

"It's just not fair because there are a lot of responsible dog and show dog owners that are going to be singled out by this," Poort said.

While the new law goes into effect Wednesday, pit bull owners have six months to spay or neuter their dogs and get the microchip implanted or face stiff fines.

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Oh dang :( Sad about the guys show dog. And if they did something about over breeding there wouldn't be so many in the shelters.
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