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Amendment to Dangerous Dog Ordinance

Aug 15, 2007 07:55 PM


BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Stricter rules are being put in place for dog owners in Brunswick County.

The county health department unanimously voted to amend the county's dangerous dog ordinance on Monday.

The new ordinance states that owners of dangerous dogs must keep their animals in a confined area at home.

Dangerous dogs must have a muzzle on when the owners are walking them.

If the dogs get loose or they attack another animal or person, the county
can seize them and euthanize the animal.

One official says the new ordinance will make for a safer community.

"We have these ordinances in place so that the people who have animals, that they are protected as well. A lot of times we have to come to compromises to protect both the public and the safety of the animals," said Fred Michael from the Brunswick County Health Department.

A public hearing on the ordinance and vote is scheduled for the next county commissioners meeting on Monday.

Reported by Max Winitz

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