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so, we're in Liberty city,in an alley and running cable for cable TV.for folks who don't know,it's where they had recently had the Riots after several cops were acquitted for murdering a Black motorcycle rider.
we're chuggin along,me,1 other cracker and my other lineman A Peter wreakin,Jimmy.
things are going good we're stackin our pockets,it's a street run and we don't have to walk through folks back yards to get to the poles which can be A real issue in Miami.
I'd just come down my stick,and Jimmy alla the sudden is cussing several bro's out.they were under his pole razzin him and talkin smack.
I walk over and they get busy with the white boy this and that.
i immidiately buck up.tell jimmy to "callate,yo tengo la problema".esentially shut up,I got this.
the king of their strut looks oddly at me,this big white boy just spoke a foriegn language,so he was off guard.I looked at him with my big pretty smile and made my play.we were either going to take a severe beating that day or die,ah,the 3 rd option.that was my goal.
I looked big boy in his face,got serious,and stepped A bit closer,not to intimidate,just to put myself within reach, had he chosen to do something.
for ya'll that been there,people of my/this/their sort guage A moment by presence and stature.body language will git you killed or respected.
I says to my new friend,
"you see that machine up there on that wire? thats called A lasher,and everytime it clicks and isa goin around it's sayin nickle nickle nickle and puttin lotsa money in our pockets.so just follow the black cable to the end of the block, theirs gonna be a cable trailer and A truck with a pit bull on the bed,her name is cocoa she don't bite.we'll be right with you in A finstant.when we get there we can only do one of 2 things.fight or drink A beer, smoke A joint and talk about nothing".
well, we got to the end of the block,and folks,I were A might bit scaredish,them fellers had waited for us,and their 5 became 7.I said to my guys,"boys, looks like we're done fer this time.that their was gonna be 2 dead crackers and a dead ****.we all gave up A graveyard sigh and stepped the rest of the way up to our moment.
Big boy looked at the ground,then looked up at us and told me he had a small issue,I asked him what that issue was,he says that he meant us great harm,yet the way I'd just been blunt he had to wonder,"where the F does 1 white boy get the nads to bone up like that,
well I do declare,I couldn't help but laugh,so I told him,"bro,I got 3 black step uncles,A panamanian stepfather and our family reunion is like a bag of skittles".
he looked at me,chuckled and reached behind him,,,and pulled out 2 12 packs of olde english.I told him I had me somea 'at 'ar gainsville green that had been all the rave at the time.it don't end there.
my new friend,from the killin fields of liberty city invited us to his brothers club,up the block.they had lunch every day for the working man,ours would be on the house for as long as we'd be running cable in that area.
and every day he was there.we developed a good kinship.
and the irony,whenever someone asked what we were doing there,my bud would tell them we was family,and if'n they din't like it,they could go.

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Thats why ya got dubb'd Uncle.. on the islands thats a title of respect goes with tho's w/ experience that got somthing each of us can learn from and thats the sand that comes with experience~ Good Show..
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