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You want to give me a WHAT?

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So I just got a call from someone who works within the same company as I do.
I have never met her before,but she used my boss's phone to call me.

Apparently she wants to give me her American Bull dog. o.o

This was all left on my answering machine. LOL. I dunno what to think.

I know for sure I can't get another dog. But if the dogs temp is good,I can at least try and get it rehomed for her.

I dunno...Just odd... Will fill in with more details,after I speak with her.

Oddest call I ever received.

Anyone want it? XD I don;t even know it's gender haha
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^ agreed. You don't know why she wants to give this dog up.

And I don't know if I'd take another dog in with both Bruno's history and already having Bruno and Beia.
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