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When the ADBA allowed those Whopper dogs and the UKC allowed obvious paper hung mixes to be registered as pure, the line became blurred. Stan is correct in saying most pure american pitbulls are nothing more than Amstaffs. It is what it is and the general public really doesn't listen when you correct them. Most of the best United States dogs are registered in their owners personal notebook and nothing else.

Tiger Woods is considered black even though he is half Asian, because he looks black, people accept this. If it looks like a pitbull it will get called a pitbull. It's just a general term in todays society anyways. People that know bulldogs will know what they have and just politely nod when 100lb dogs are introduced as such. Working Husky owners and working Beagle owners hate the show stuff also, yet we all call a Beagle walking down the street a Beagle when people that work these true dogs would laugh at that. We don't see a difference in labeling those but pick our dogs of choice apart. Pitbull is just a loose term to me and most real working owners usually refer to them as bulldogs. All that matters is what's in it's heart.
I like what Tiger refers to himself as.... Cablasian.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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