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Ok, so it's true...I'm totally being lazy tonight and copy and pasting my intro that is on the other pit forum I recently became a memeber of. Yes, I'm owning up to being a lazy bugger who doesn't feel like writing up a whole new intro. As I mentioned in the Sticky on how I found gopitbull.com, I did a google search for pitbull forums. I joined pitbullforum.com on the 3rd and also came across this one but since I left to go visiting and just got back home today, I did not join this forum until today. Though not new to dogs, I am somewhat (some what?) but not completely new to pitbulls. This is something I did not remember to specifically say in my other intro but hope it still came across so here it is (with a change on the To: part so it reflects this site's address and not the other):

The Deep Dark Recesses
Underneath My Bed In
Central, Northeast-ish LP of Michigan

The Inhabitants of
On the World Wide Web

Greetings all furry four-legged and two-legged monsters alike. I bring you tidings from the great galoot in the darkest dark corner of the land of......ok ok, so I'm not the monster under your bed...or under my bed for that matter. I am, however, a soon-to-be human keeper/owner/care-taker/friend of a four-legged, tail-wagging, sleep-eat-potty-chew-on-your-slippers-while-you-make-a-sandwich monstrosity commonly known as a puppy. A cute, brindle and white, female pitbull puppy with a rather unusual birthmark. Her name is Harley, short for Harlequin the comic character and spelled like Harley-Davidson. She gets to come home in a couple of weeks.

Over the years my family has had a variety of pets - from dogs and cats to birds and fish to horses, pigs, cows, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, and goats to ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters to turtles and tortoises, snakes and lizards of various size, shape and kind. Though not all at one time, I'll add. So why, might you ask, out of all the animals to choose from why a dog... and out of all the different breeds of dog, why a pitbull?

Well, I've always seem to be attracted to the bully breeds and breeds that can (and do) get a bad rep (usually undeserving of the breed and more the fault of the individual dog and/or owner): German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, American PitBull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, etc. Perhaps not unlike the way they say ladies are attracted to "bad boys". Another reason I chose this particular breed is that I once had a pit/rott mix female that was one of the best dogs I have ever had the joy of knowing. They are also one of the best family and watch dogs I know of...in my opinion and from my experience with them. Now I know that this pup will not be a replacement for the mix I once had nor am I the most experienced pitbull or even just plain old dog owner but I am looking forward to the years ahead and to the learning and training, new and old, for Harley and for myself.

P.S. I really must have slow mental decline as I forgot to add that I'm still young (even if I feel old and that poor memory/memory loss is really bothersome, see what I am talking about) at 21! (Soon to be 22 near the end of this month)

I love animals (you'd never have guessed huh? :p), music, and reading. I also write, mostly poetry, and draw...both of which I hardly show to anyone...except maybe one or two pieces here and there. I'm a poor English nazi, meaning I have a bad penchant to correct your spelling but still make grammatical errors myself. I'm near-fluent in typo, know Good morning and Good night, and I love you in German, Good morning, good night, how are you in Spanish and a little bit more than that in French. I couldn't spell supercali....yeah that word...to save my life. You know you know it. The one from Mary Poppins. I love Pepsi even though it is a step-up from battery acid on the dental acid chart. I'm a recovering soda-holic....now I'm a sobe-aholic. ....Oh and I have a habit of making up words...and sometimes acting like a complete goofball. Though usually only over the internet where you can't actually see me grinning like a goon on my side of the computer screen!

P.P.S. I love to sing and dance....I can't do either one. :dance:
So that too I do only in my own home where people can't judge me, except maybe the dogs and they're pretty forgiving. :)

(and yes the username is the same there as it is here)
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